We’re As Mad As Hell…

I never expected one of my best filmmaking experiences to happen in front of the camera (I don’t usually like it there), yet it did. We were recreating one of my all-time fave movie scenes – the “mad as hell” sequence from NETWORK in episode 8.

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Forget The Hobbit – It’s Time to Throbbit!

Episode 8 was a special homecoming for us because we returned to Michiana and teamed up with our longtime co-conspirators at Richardson Productions. Tim Richardson and company personify the expression ‘fiercely independent.’ 

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What Happened on the Set of The Hobbit?

We here in Martini-land are big Peter Jackson fans—or at least, we have been in the past. Somehow his last few movies haven’t spawned the same magic. And Peter Jackson isn’t our only beloved director who seems to have lost his mojo. Lucas, Burton, Lynch— even Scorsese— also seem to be off their game (among many others). It’s almost as if some evil conspiracy is behind it. Or is it Satan himself? The answer lies in Episode 8 where we visit the set of THE HOBBIT and beyond to find out what makes a good director go bad (or at least mediocre). Check it out right HERE.

We Spill Our Guts, Static MultiMedia Listens…

  A big round of thanks  to Martini Mom‘s champion R. O’Donnell over at Static MultiMedia for his piece about all things Spawn.

You can read the full story HERE. And catch up on episodes 1-7 HERE.


Anti-Social Networking: A Face(book) Odyssey

“Computers don’t make people stupid, people make people stupid” as we  learn in Episode 7, “The Silence of the Hams”… Continue reading Anti-Social Networking: A Face(book) Odyssey

Got MILF? We do! Episode 6 is Online.

When we first decided to try our hands at a web series, we only planned to shoot 6 episodes. Why? Because that’s how many scripts I’d written and this was merely to be a playful experiment. But in working with our fabulous cast in such a fun, creative environment, we quickly realized it was becoming a beast of its own. And there was simply no stopping it…

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A Spawn By Any Other Name…

Gilly came up with the title for episode 5 (watch it HERE) during our shoot. Go, Gilly! Continue reading A Spawn By Any Other Name…

I Shot a Master of Horror…And I Liked it!

I hadn’t planned to shoot a Master of Horror in the face. In an era of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 and other uninspired genre junk, we should really preserve what little quality remains. But sometimes these things just happen.

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Dick Cheney Robot Sing-Along !

Election Day is nigh, so why not warm up those voting muscles with the always lovable Dick Cheney who teaches us a super valuable lesson in episode 4 of MARTINI MOM & DEVIL SPAWN freshly launched today. Catch it (and the previous 3 episodes) here:


How To Recycle A Zombie Head

The nice thing about having made so many horror films by now is that our home is practically a prop and costume shop:  banana costumes, torture implements, body parts (mostly fake), and other such fun items abound.

In episode three (HERE ) you may recognize a familiar face. In fact, it’s a whole head — that of Commander Stevens from our very early short CONFEDERATE ZOMBIE MASSACRE!

Incidentally, you can find that film and all of our other early work (through LAST SEEN ON DOLORES STREET) on our new compilation DVD just released by Camp Motion Pictures.  Find it HERE.