What?!  Like we really expect people to give us money?  In this economy?  Are we nuts?!

Well, first off – yes, of course we’re nuts.  But, no, we really don’t expect people to give us money.  However, you can’t blame us for trying.  We fund this show out of pocket and, as you have likely noticed, our pockets are fairly shallow. So if you want to help us keep this going on, or even just take pity on us (we’re not proud) , we gladly take donations of any size.

We also take bribes.

So, if you make a donation, we promise it will go right back into our next production.  You can even specify how you’d like it to be spent. And we might be willing to do a lot of other weird things in return.  We’re not big on boundaries.  So, just ask – what’s the harm?

Thanks for your support!