Sarah Palin Catfight With a Nun?

Don’t act so surprised. Catch it in our epic season finale Episode 15, live now. Yes, Season One of Martini Mom & Devil Spawn has come to its cliffhanger end, but don’t fret — you can still catch reruns of episodes 1-15 right HERE. Thanks for playing and see you next season!


The End of An Era…

Well, it’s time for both a beginning and an end in the world of MARTINI MOM & DEVIL  SPAWN. We just premiered our feature-length version at the super fun GENCON film festival and look forward to its fascinating future (we’re in several interesting talks about various possibilities. More on that when it’s further along). It’s also the end of Season 1 — and with it the death of a principal character – gasp! Find out who in the cliffhanger season finale where we literally travel to hell and back – twice!



Evolution-Shmevolution – It’s Devo-lution Time!

Yep! God has retired and you know what that means — it’s back to the Stone Age for us. See what happens when we revert to our barest basics in Episode 14 of Martini Mom & Devil Spawn HERE:

Our Unholy Matrimony — by Elvis!

Elvis makes everything better and Episode 13 is no exception — a favorite episode of the cast, and a particularly memorable shoot, The Wedding Episode is not to be missed. The King drops by and agrees to wed Rosemary and Satan in exchange for a sandwich, but when a ghost from the past arrives with some alarming news about the Spawn, the gang is “All Shook Up”. There’s something old and something new, something Dead and someone’s left blue. In another words — just another typical wedding. Check it out HERE:

Does Your HMO Cover Exorcisms?

Green vomit flies in Episode 12 of Martini Mom in our homage to one of the scariest films of all time.  Of course the one thing that’s even scarier than The Exorcist is our country’s terrifying excuse for a healthcare system, so be warned –  this one isn’t pretty. Catch it HERE:

Are YOU a Satanist? Is the First Amendment a Joke? Find Out!

Who knew what astonishing revelations I’d uncover while researching my latest script. I was perusing the website of the Church of Satan over my morning coffee.

“Hunh, I think I may just be a Satanist,” I declared.

My partner of many years and thus accustomed to such outcries, didn’t bat an eye.

“Oh.  How’s that?”

I proceeded to read him some key points of their doctrine, which you can find here:

 Aside from their views on revenge (not my style) and treating annoying guests in one’s lair “cruelly and without mercy” (I simply ask them to leave), I gotta say I’ve pretty much been living the Satanic lifestyle without even realizing it. Who knew?

 Naturally, I was only on the site to do research for episode 11 — which debunks a few myths about both the Church of Satan not to mention that silly First Amendment of ours.

Is it really a big fat joke? You bet your ass it is… but that doesn’t mean it still can’t work.

Don’t take my word for it, though.  Come hang with Rosemary and the gang as we explore these big topics and more in episode 11, “Say You Love Satan” (which incidentally is the name of a nasty little “true crime” book that my freshman year roommate at Sarah Lawrence College made me read – thanks for that one, Erin!)

Check out Episode 11 right HERE.

Celebrate Bastille Day with Martini Mom & Devil Spawn!

Have your cake and eat it, too, with Rosemary and the gang. What better way to celebrate the independent spirit than with anti-establishment satire (and martinis of course)? Catch up with episodes 1-10 found HERE, then tune in to our brand spanking new episode 11, “Say You Love Satan”– found  HERE!

World Premiere — The Martini Mom Feature!

Leave it to our Deviant team to accidentally shoot a feature film without even realizing it. Last year for kicks we shot our little web series to purge some socio-political angst and take a break from our “proper” projects (proper gets old real fast sometimes.) Anyhoo, we had so much fun shooting, the next thing we knew we had 15 full episodes that, strung together, amount to 98 minutes of zany madness. Who knew?  Apparently Gen-Con did. We’ll be screening the completed feature at their film festival on Friday, August 16 at 8pm. In the meantime, stay tuned.  We’ll be posting episodes 11-15 in short order (sorry for the hiatus –it’s been a crazy year with whirlwind worldwide travels and those pesky “proper” projects  elbowing their way into our martini recreation time at every turn.) Nonetheless, our entire season one should be up by month’s end — just waiting on final sound mix and score. In the meantime, you can catch up on episodes 1-10 HERE. Drink up, Folks (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere — and even if it isn’t — who really cares?) Cheers!

Who Says It’s No Fun Being an Illegal Alien?

Do you think undocumented migrant workers are stealing American jobs? Then fight that pesky racist ignorance with Episode 10 of MARTINI MOM & DEVIL SPAWN (featuring our very own 80s pop up music video!) Check it out HERE.



Shooting in New Zealand

Given 3 weeks in New Zealand to do as they please, some folks might go sightseeing, surfing, skydiving or simply relax on the beach. Not yet familiar with this bizarre concept known as ‘vacation’, I figured – why not shoot an episode of MARTINI MOM & DEVIL SPAWN? And that’s what we did…

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