A Spawn By Any Other Name…

Gilly came up with the title for episode 5 (watch it HERE) during our shoot. Go, Gilly!

Episodes 5’s a super short one which I wrote over my morning coffee one day. I wanted to establish our spawn as a real character even though we’ve yet to see the l’il devil outside his bassinet. I thought of other unseen but important characters—like my beloved Harvey and even Maris from FRASIER—and how even the visibly-challenged (or is it people of translucence?) can make an impact. This is the first episode where we see that start to happen on screen. It happened behind the camera as well.

It occurred to me, that much like Frankenstein’s monster, ours still had no name—which led to a rather philosophical discussion about “what’s in a name?” and ultimately, Gilly’s fitting title suggestion. Yes, a spawn by any other name will smell just as rancidly sweet indeed.

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