I Shot a Master of Horror…And I Liked it!

On the day we shot episode 4, I got a last minute inspiration for an additional scene. Moments later I got a serendipitous e-mail from a buddy asking me what I was up to.

“We’re shooting today!” I wrote all chipper-like.

“Great! Do you need any help?” he wrote back, equally chipper.

Inspired, I  jotted down my new scene idea and wrote back back:

“Absolutely! How would you like to be shot in the face by Dick Cheney?”

I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

And that is how it all went down. Said friend is Mick Garris, a super talented horror director and author. Horror fans will no doubt be familiar with his fabulous TV series MASTERS OF HORROR among his many other impressive accomplishments.

However, a lesser known work — which is my personal favorite entry of his oeuvre to date — is his book entitled:  DEVELOPMENT HELL.

Sick and twisted and sexy and disturbing (not to mention a marvelous indictment of the entertainment industry!), I am baffled why they don’t make this into a film or series. So check it out and spread the word and maybe we can help make that happen. You’ll thank me — after you recover, that is (it might take a while — I kid you not, it’s seriously messed up stuff)

Anyway, thanks to Mick for being such a good sport and helping us teach our Dick a valuable lesson about the Golden Rule. Check out Episode 4 HERE (and scroll down for episode 3 to see a nod to Mick’s co-conspirator Stephen King, too, if you’re so inclined and not a biblical literalist, in which case you might be offended.)

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