Episodes & Videos

The  Pilot Episode – “THE MOTHERLODE”: It’s Happy Hour in Hell where everyone’s shaken and stirred when Rosemary unexpectedly births the spawn of Satan on an otherwise promising first date.


Episode 2: “The Devil Inside”: Rosemary and Satan remember the night they met and the Spawn’s less than immaculate conception. With guest star appearance by star concert violinist Benedikt Brydern!


Episode 3: “The Leader of the Pact”: Ro and the gang learn the down side of parenting a messiah when God shares his own fatherhood woes and prepares them for the inevitable onslaught of d-bags with evil agendas headed to Ro’s doorstep.


Episode 4: “Don’t Be a Dick”: Dick Cheney wants his yellowcake and eat it too when he accuses Ro and the gang of harboring WMD’s.


Episode 5: “A Spawn By Any Other Name”: Ro and the gang revive from a presumed bender to discover the Spawn is hungry—and they just might be starting to care…


Episode 6: “Got MILF?”: When Social Services deems Rosemary an unfit mother, the Spawn raises hell—literally.


Episode 7: “The Screaming of the Hams”: Rosemary and the Gang encounter anti-social networking when a SAL 9000 computer comes calling.


Episode 8: “The Pity of Lost Souls”: There’s trouble on the set of THE HOBBIT – is Satan to blame? Ro and Saf are mad as hell!


 Episode 9 – “The New Zealand Episode”: Frodo’s slacker roommates go on a mildly epic quest to find Peter Jackson’s soul and save THE HOBBIT from sucking.


Episode 10 – “Hazing Arizona”: Satan’s without a green card and the State of Arizona’s hot on his undocumented heels. Can a 1980s style pop up video save the day?


Episode 11 – “Say You Love Satan”: Rosemary has second thoughts about her engagement to Satan when he asks her to convert to Satanism. Can the First Amendment save the day?


Episode 12 – “The Exorcist Episode”: The Catholic Church comes to perform an exorcism—on Rosemary! But when Satan’s HMO and Saffron’s Alternative medicine Healer offer remedies of their own is it a bad omen or just bad medicine?


Episode 13 – “The Wedding Episode”: Elvis agrees to unite Ro and Satan in unholy matrimony until a ghost from Ro’s past arrives with some surprising news about the Spawn that gets them ‘all shook up’.


Episode 14 – “The Gods of Rock”: The world “devolves” when God retires to get back with his old band with fellow retired deities, Pan and Thor. As they negotiate the disturbing new state of the music industry, Rosemary and the gang discover the magic of simpler bygone times. A special bonus double episode!


Episode 15 – “The Epic Grand Finale”: When Satan and Saffron are fired from their jobs they literally go to hell and back. Meanwhile, Ro learns the fate of the world lies in her hands — but will she do the right thing?