…But Stay Away From My Daughter – Episode 3 is Up!

Episode 3 is up HERE.  I’d like to thank friend and editor extraordinaire Lauren Schweitzer for putting a bee in my bonnet for part of its inspiration.  She thought it would be fun to make a short horror film based on the old farmer’s daughter joke — you know the one, right?  Where the farmer tells the traveling salesman, “You can stay in the barn, but stay away from my daughter!”…  I agreed.

So Lauren, the quirky re-envisioning of this iconic joke featured in episode 3 is dedicated to you — like it or not (hope you like it…)

Incidentally, you can read more farmer’s daughters jokes at this LINK or you can see another re-imagining in the Seinfeld episode “The Bottle Deposit”.  Also within this episode, look for bonus nods to Stephen King, Monty Python and the Wizard of Oz.  Enjoy!


So I was knee deep in transforming what was once my desk area into a Tiki Lounge – you know just another boring Sunday. Then a friend called, I would later learn, to invite me to brunch.

“Hey, Devi – whatcha up to?” he asked.

I responded in earnest, “I’m blowing this monkey, but he keeps going all flaccid on me. At first I thought it was me, but now I’m thinking it’s his problem. I’m gonna run out and see if I can’t exchange him for a better one. You wanna join me?”

There was silence on the other end.

“Hello. Are you still there?” I asked innocently.

After an uncomfortable pause, he responds, “Look, I know you’re a free spirit and I admire your adventurous approach to life, but I daresay a line has been crossed, if not laws broken. I’m concerned.”

I giggled, assuring him, “The monkey in question is made of plastic and inflatable, or deflatable in his case. I’m building a Tiki Lounge in my living room. Oh, and by the way, do you know where I can get a cockroach – either a plastic one or maybe even a real, but preferably dead one?”

“You know something?” he asked. “I think it’s too early for this conversation. I’m going back to bed.”

Ah, such is life when you’re shooting a micro-budget web series.

You see, for episode two (just posted) there’s a scene in a bar. Back in Michiana we simply would have shot the scene in any number of bars that would gladly invite us in for free. But this is L.A. and sorry, Virginia, there is no such thing as Santa in this town.

We approached a few bars with a pitch for a short shoot during off hours for a small stipend. Insert crickets chirping here.

Finally, we decided we’d simply have to build one. The bulk of our front room was already devoted to Rosemary’s living room, but we still had my desk area in the back corner, which we quickly discovered transforms nicely into a Tiki Lounge.

Have a Martini!

It was Reggie Bannister (PHANTASM, et al) who taught me the term “Martini Shot” at a horror fest years ago.  He also taught me the term “condom shot”, which is an extra take for safety purposes – just in case.  I use that term all the time.  Apparently it’s not so well known as the martini shot and often elicits raised eyebrows and giggles.

Since learning about the martini shot, I have sworn I would one day make a point to actually have a martini at the designated shot on a shoot, but it’s never seemed very practical (or just wasn’t in the budget.  I’m a Ketel One gal myself.  It costs a bit more, but I’m worth it, dammit.)

So, when I hatched this whole SPAWN idea, I knew this was the project where we would serve actual martinis (or cosmos for pink enthusiasts) on the final shot of each shoot.

I’m pleased to say, to date we have upheld the tradition with a flourish.


Once I came up with the title, I knocked out the first six scripts in pretty short order.  I wrote the three principal roles with specific cast in mind:  Cynthia Dane from LAST SEEN ON DOLORES STREET, Gillian Shure from DEATH IN CHARGE and regular Deviant player, Circus-Szalewski (Red in TRIPPIN’, Bela Lugosi in RAVEN GETS A LIFE and Dr. Szalewski in DOLORES, among others).

Truth is, I often write roles for people I already know and like.  Some call it nepotism, I call it electing to work with people whom I know will not only  “bring it” but will also make it fun.  All three are some of the most amazingly talented actors I know.

Another goal for the series is that I wanted to create something completely autonomous.  That is, I didn’t want to have to rely on anybody outside of the core Deviant team for anything.

Since coming out to L.A. and playing with the “big boys” I’ve learned that too much is reliant on other people – financing of course – but also having to consider soul-crushing things like packaging, marketability and so forth.

I could give a rat’s ass about such things.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind being rich.   I suspect I might be rather good at it even.   But not if it meant being unhappy, too.

So, each script was written with autonomy in mind.  If we need vampire bats for an episode, rest assured, they will be  store-bought rubber ones hanging down from a visible wire that will not be removed in post.  There’s no room for pretension and certainly no budget for it.  Besides, rubber bats on wires are endearing, right?  Well, they are for our purposes.

All Horror Says “Ah-mazing!”

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The Birth of a Spawn

It was a sunny afternoon a year or so ago.  A buddy and I were taking a break from a fest where we we had a film screening.   I hadn’t a care in the world.  I was enjoying a martini when I looked out onto the sidewalk where some poor mom was attempting to juggle too many kids and strollers.  I ordered another drink.

“Make it a double,” I shuddered.

I remember thinking at the time, “Man, why would anyone choose a baby over a martini?”  Then I thought, “Whoa, what if you had to juggle both?” Suddenly a title popped into my head… MARTINI MOM & DEVIL SPAWN!  And so a web series was born…