Forget The Hobbit – It’s Time to Throbbit!

I’ve lost count of how many feature films they’ve shot by now (upward of 9, covering an astounding array of genres and starting long before the advent of HD—hell even mini-dv and HI-8, I believe— and long before everybody and his freakin’ cousin was making “indie films.”) They’ve also done some fabulous parody music videos and even had a Cable TV sitcom series (now online) long before the word “webisode” had ever been coined. Why hasn’t Tim been knighted yet? Seriously! The man’s a pioneer.

Anyhoo, in recent years RP Studios has been taking the fanfilm parody world by storm with a wildly outrageous and super-ambitious set of feature-length spectacles —THE DORK OF THE RINGS and HARVEY PUTTER & THE RIDICULOUS PREMISE— that combine the best movie magic of Ed Wood and Cecil B. DeMille combined with a delightful ‘Benny Hill-meets-Weird Al Yankovic’ charm and that extra special  something that so distinctly marks an RP Production.

Naturally, when we realized episode 8 of MARTINI MOM & DEVIL SPAWN, required a ‘cameo’ by Peter Jackson, we called up Richardson’s alter ego, Jack Peterson, to step in. Little did we know, RP Studios was kicking off their latest opus THE THROBBIT —though it hardly comes as a surprise – these guys are PROLIFIC! And best of all, it’s all fueled by passion. None of this status-seeking poseur, trying to be the next Tarantino or Rodriguez or found-footage horror clone rip-off BS. These guys are keeping it real, doing it on their own terms — for the sheer love of it— industry protocol be damned. Punk rock lives on —gabba gabba hey!

So, please – by all means, check out their wacky world and support actual, true indie filmmakers by ‘liking’ them HERE. These guys support other indie filmmakers all the time, through the Mid America Filmmakers (MAF), the Riverbend Film Festival and serving as an incredible inspiration to other filmmakers by reminding us the only thing standing between our filmmaking aspirations and achieving them is the lack of imagination (and/or a healthy – and occasionally rather sick – sense of humor.)

Thanks, Tim and gang – for your awesome contribution to episode 8 (and the upcoming episode 14 when we travel to Valhalla!), indie cinema in general and a world that needs to laugh more – may your Throbbit thrive (interpret as you will….)


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