From the award-winning team that brought you the (freshly released!) festival faves, DEATH IN CHARGE and TRIPPIN’, comes a brand spankin’ new web series that finally merges ROSEMARY’S BABY with ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS just as Nature intended (go ahead, ask her – she makes an appearance in episode 12.)

Yes, it’s Happy Hour in Hell where everyone’s shaken AND stirred after Rosemary unexpectedly births the Spawn of Satan.  It’s not easy mothering this mischievous man-eating “messiah”, especially when gun-toting bunnymen, Dick Cheney robots, King Kong and the entire state of Arizona constantly interrupt martini time with their own evil agendas.

The madness all began one sunny day when directrix, Devi, was enjoying a martini at a bar with a friend.  She looked out onto the sidewalk where some poor mom was attempting to juggle too many kids and strollers.   Devi promptly ordered another drink.

“Make it a double,” she shuddered.

Perplexed, Devi mused, “Why would anyone choose a baby over a martini?”  Then a most outlandish thought occurred – “Whoa, what if you had to juggle both?”  And so a Spawn was born.


While most episodes occur in Rosemary’s apartment – shot on location in Los Angeles – the series will travel to far off lands (like New York, Indiana and  don’t miss the zany New Zealand episode!)

Future episodes will feature guest directors, guest writers and a slew of colorful new characters (including Dick Cheney! — sort of.)


We will be accepting script submissions, character proposals and even outside-produced segments and complete episodes as the series unfolds.

So, be sure and contact us if you want to join the madness.  Everybody’s invited to the party – but BYOB (top shelf vodka’s preferred.)

Or, you can contribute in other totally awesome ways… DETAILS HERE.