Have a Martini!

It was Reggie Bannister (PHANTASM, et al) who taught me the term “Martini Shot” at a horror fest years ago.  He also taught me the term “condom shot”, which is an extra take for safety purposes – just in case.  I use that term all the time.  Apparently it’s not so well known as the martini shot and often elicits raised eyebrows and giggles.

Since learning about the martini shot, I have sworn I would one day make a point to actually have a martini at the designated shot on a shoot, but it’s never seemed very practical (or just wasn’t in the budget.  I’m a Ketel One gal myself.  It costs a bit more, but I’m worth it, dammit.)

So, when I hatched this whole SPAWN idea, I knew this was the project where we would serve actual martinis (or cosmos for pink enthusiasts) on the final shot of each shoot.

I’m pleased to say, to date we have upheld the tradition with a flourish.

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