Are YOU a Satanist? Is the First Amendment a Joke? Find Out!

Who knew what astonishing revelations I’d uncover while researching my latest script. I was perusing the website of the Church of Satan over my morning coffee.

“Hunh, I think I may just be a Satanist,” I declared.

My partner of many years and thus accustomed to such outcries, didn’t bat an eye.

“Oh.  How’s that?”

I proceeded to read him some key points of their doctrine, which you can find here:

 Aside from their views on revenge (not my style) and treating annoying guests in one’s lair “cruelly and without mercy” (I simply ask them to leave), I gotta say I’ve pretty much been living the Satanic lifestyle without even realizing it. Who knew?

 Naturally, I was only on the site to do research for episode 11 — which debunks a few myths about both the Church of Satan not to mention that silly First Amendment of ours.

Is it really a big fat joke? You bet your ass it is… but that doesn’t mean it still can’t work.

Don’t take my word for it, though.  Come hang with Rosemary and the gang as we explore these big topics and more in episode 11, “Say You Love Satan” (which incidentally is the name of a nasty little “true crime” book that my freshman year roommate at Sarah Lawrence College made me read – thanks for that one, Erin!)

Check out Episode 11 right HERE.

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