…But Stay Away From My Daughter – Episode 3 is Up!

Episode 3 is up HERE. I’d like to thank friend and editor extraordinaire Lauren Schweitzer for putting a bee in my bonnet for part of its inspiration. She thought it would be fun to make a short horror film based on the old farmer’s daughter joke — you know the one, right? Where the farmer [...]


So I was knee deep in transforming what was once my desk area into a Tiki Lounge – you know just another boring Sunday. Then a friend called, I would later learn, to invite me to brunch.

“Hey, Devi – whatcha up to?” he asked.

I responded in earnest, “I’m blowing this monkey, but he [...]

Have a Martini!

It was Reggie Bannister (PHANTASM, et al) who taught me the term “Martini Shot” at a horror fest years ago. He also taught me the term “condom shot”, which is an extra take for safety purposes – just in case. I use that term all the time. Apparently it’s not so well known as the [...]


Once I came up with the title, I knocked out the first six scripts in pretty short order. I wrote the three principal roles with specific cast in mind: Cynthia Dane from LAST SEEN ON DOLORES STREET, Gillian Shure from DEATH IN CHARGE and regular Deviant player, Circus-Szalewski (Red in TRIPPIN’, Bela Lugosi in RAVEN [...]

All Horror Says “Ah-mazing!”

Thanks to the super awesome women at ALLHORROR.net for the SPAWN- love found HERE – allhorror.net

All Things Horror on SPAWN, Hugh Hefner & June Cleaver!

Wow! -Thanks to the folks at All Things Horror for their nice write- up that strolls with SPAWN down ‘retro charm’ lane. Check it out HERE: http://www.allthingshorroronline.net/2012/04/grab-your-vodka-devi-snivelys-web.html

Planet Fury Compares SPAWN to “I Love Lucy” – Sweet!

Thanks to Planet Fury’s Theron Neel for his fun new review of our little Spawn – check it out HERE:


Anything Horror Calls SPAWN “Tons of Fun”

Are we “bizarre” and “twisted”? Scott Shoyer thinks so. See what he has to say HERE.

The Birth of a Spawn

It was a sunny afternoon a year or so ago. A buddy and I were taking a break from a fest where we we had a film screening. I hadn’t a care in the world. I was enjoying a martini when I looked out onto the sidewalk where some poor mom was attempting to juggle [...]